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GPS Solution, location, tracking
  • How it works?
    Every day more and more businesses are turning to GPS location solutions and enjoying huge benefits and significant savings. GPS isn’t just about directions and maps it’s about keeping track of what matters most. From employee safety and productivity to recovery of a lost or stolen assets, FindWhere delivers advanced features and functionality in an accurate and easy to use solution for your business.

    Our software is a web based GPS tracking & position service that uses the most sofisticated technology to provide the highest level of security for your assets and workforce.

    The GPS device calculates its location from available signals provided by GPS satellites. The GPS device location is transmitted over the GSM cellular network to our servers and can be accessed via our web platform by the subscriber over the internet.


    Easy to use

    Our software makes advanced location technology, simple, accessible & easy to use. Your account can be managed online to set parameters to serve your tracking needs.
    We work with manufacturers from around the globe to source, test and integrate the best devices. Each device includes a GPS receiver, a cellular modem and a processor that controls the advanced features.


    Location on demand

    To request an on-demand location from your GPS device follow the steps below:

    - Log in to your account and click the "Get Location" button.
    - Once your GPS device has determined its location you can monitor your personal device or vehicles real-time location displayed in your web based account, along with the closest street address.
    - Your web based account also enables you to view your GPS location in detail simply by using one of our superior satellite, birds eye, hybrid, or traditional road map views with which you can easily zoom in and out or scroll in any direction.


    Administration and management tool

    - Manage asset name and details

    - Create and edit contacts and notification groups (for alerts)

    - Track multiple devices conveniently under one account.

    - Every hour or less (depending on your settings) a health check is completed to determine GPS signal strength, device condition, battery level and reporting status

    - Set location reporting intervals from every 2 minutes to every 10 hours.


    Some features includes in the software

    Current location: See the current location of your Gps Device(s) in your account

    Location history: See where the members in your account have been (up to 30 days history log)

    Speed monitoring: Set up speed alerts and be notified when going beyond the desired limit, you’ll know when, where and how fast.

    Geo fencing/Safe Zones: Set up perimeters (don’t need to know exact location, just select on a map) that you don’t want your Gps device to enter or leave, receive instant notification when a Safe zone has been violated.


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    Our Electronics Production

    Production Inventory PCB Section Mounting Microships
    Microships Section Simcards holder Section Mounting Simcards Holders
    PCB - Microships Checking the microships Mounting Gps Receiver
    Welding Components Welding Simcards Holders Checking the functions
    Quality Control Final Checks


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    Additional Features for the GPS P22

    An alert is sent when a pre-defined virtual perimeter is crossed either entry or exit. Zones can be created for a range of areas, such as individual buildings to large city borders. Ideal for arrival or departure verification.

    Speed Check
    An alert is sent when a pre-defined speed is exceeded. Ideal for work-force monitoring.

    Panic Button
    An alert is sent when the panic button is pushed Ideal for emergency prevention and corporate security.

    Low Battery
    An alert is sent when the battery-level is low, so you can replace or charge it depending on the device.

    24/7 Accessibility
    The GPS Tracking Application is completely web-based and accessible directly from the TEI website 24/7.

    TEI Software can generate a range of reports to help you track and manage your assets and mobile workforces, such as Daily Status Reports and Activity Reports.


    GPS Tracking System

    GPS Tracking image

    Our mission is to help you navigate the world of fleet or personal tracking products and services available in today's ever shifting technological landscape. New products and information is constantly being made available and sometimes you just need some help to make sense of it all. We are here to help you make all of that come true. Feel free to browse our fleet tracking reviews and other information contained throughout our site.