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No Credit Checks, No Monthly Fees

Use your card everywhere MasterCard is accepted

From everyday shopping, paying bills and monthly subscriptions, to topping-up your mobile phone or sending money overseas – Mastercards® are the quick and easy solution, for everyone.

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  Mailing Address:
Box 660
261 25 Landskrona, Sweden
  Office & Show Room:
Lundåkragatan 4,
26135 Landskrona, Sweden
  Phone in Sweden:
Tel : +4641817020
Mob: +46737170007
Debit / Prepaid Card:
  Phone in Denmark:
Tel: +4553333031
  Phone in Thailand:
Tel : +66870102007
Mob: +66899880002


Get Your Card Today

Use your card everywhere MasterCard® is accepted

No credit checks to abtain the card
No overdraft, no late payments
No Debit, no monthly fees
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Company News

Feb. 2010
MasterCard® Debit introduction
June 2009
Packaging Introduction
May 2009
GPS Tracking Devices
March 2009
GSM Tracking Devices
August 2007
Coffee Shops
Sep. 2006
Supermarket Stores
January 2005
Energy Savers
April 2004
Clothing Retail Stores
Feb. 2003
Gift Items Stores
Dec 1998
Watch Displays, Watches
August 1990
Clothing Business
Nov. 1988
Company Establishment

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