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No Credit Checks, No Monthly Fees

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From everyday shopping, paying bills and monthly subscriptions, to topping-up your mobile phone or sending money overseas – Mastercards® are the quick and easy solution, for everyone.


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Benefits of the Prepaid Mastercards:

• No credit check to obtain a card
• Can be loaded with cash via bank transfer
• No line of credit: so no borrowing and no debt
• More secure & convenient than cash or cheques*
• Internet access to balance, account information, and transaction history
• Can be used at millions of merchant locations worldwide, at ATMs (cash machines), and over the internet.

GPS Tracker P22

The P22 is a compact-size multi-purpose GPS tracker for use in car, personal monitoring and protection. Equiped with a very high sensitivity and low power GPS/GPRS device, The GPS Tracker P22 provides reliable real time positioning and 24-hour trace log upon owners request by sms.

TEI Tracking Software

TEI Tracking Software is the most sofisticated on the market, it was developed from the need for a simple web-based platform that can provide GPS tracking for personal and commercial fleet enterprises, however TEI Tracking Software is highly configurable and scalable to larger enterprises as well.

    The Power of Good Packaging


    We supply complete integrated processing, packaging, distribution lines and stand-alone equipment, carefully tested to make sure they give you optimal performance. This means you have a short start-up time and enjoy problem-free production right from the start.
    We automate entire processing and packaging lines, train staff to operate them and assist in getting your operations up and running. Once you start producing, our team will service your line and plan maintenance.
    We provide you with all help you need, with distribution planning, marketing support and packaging designs.

Get Your Card Today

Use your card everywhere MasterCard® is accepted

No credit checks to abtain the card
No overdraft, no late payments
No Debit, no monthly fees
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